My most popular resources include: Serial Podcast Seasons 1 and 2 (CCSS aligned, for grades 9-12), as well as my Standards-Based Grading framework.original-2030747-1

My Standards-Based Grading framework articulates all 32 anchor standards, facilitates standards-based grading, allows students to self-reflect on their own academic growth, and significantly helps teachers design lesson plans that are based on the Common Core.



Featured by Mind/Shift,The Wall Street Journal and, nearly 300 pages of teacher guides and printable student worksheets covering season 1, episodes 1-12 of the podcast “Serial.



The Serial Season 2 unit is over 400 pages (dozens of full lessons, quizzes, and final projects) of teacher guides and printable student worksheets. The entire unit can take between 39 to 44 days to complete; however, each exercise stands alone, and can be used independently.