The Mindshift Podcast About My Class!

After months of giddy anticipation, my class finally got to hear Mindshift’s podcast about our work with podcasts. It’s a podcast about using podcasts — and it’s us! And it’s so good.

First of all, I have to give all the thanks, credit, and props to Ki Sung, who produced the podcast. She was (is) a true inspiration and role model for both me and my students. She’s the senior editor of Mindshift, but she took the time to fly down, interview my students, talk to them about her own podcasts and her career in general, and then she personally produced the episode.  

We admired her work even before she visited. We had already studied an episode of her “Stories Teachers Share” podcast (“The Epic April Fool’s Day Prank”), and it was one of my students’ all-time favorites.

So after appreciating her work as a narrator and producer, it was a special treat for my students to simply have her in our classroom, where they could ask her questions about podcasting, her recording equipment (which was awesome), and her career as an editor. And then, of course, it was simply mind-blowing for them to be the subject of her next episode.

Now the podcast episode itself is sure to inspire my class. It’s so well produced and she’s such a good narrator. I want to say that she makes us sound better than we are, but that’s not entirely honest—I think it’s more accurate to say that she presents us how we are when we’re at our best. And that’s a special artistic skill.

And finally, it was great to hear what my former students said (I wasn’t there when she interviewed them). I took a little pride—and felt a lot of joy—hearing them personally articulate how they improved their literacy skills.

In any case, give it a listen if you want to hear what it’s like in my classroom. In the meantime, my class is going to get started writing a podcast about the podcast about our podcast class.


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