Lesson Plans for first 3 episodes of Serial (Season 2) now published!

I’m not going to brag exactly, but I’m not going to hide my pride when it comes to the latest bundle of Serial lesson plans:

– 24 of the 26 CCSS anchor standards are addressed in the third episode alone. I think the only standard the bundle is missing is the one about using technology to publish a document, and any teacher can easily take care of this on their own.
– The bundle includes three healthy lists of vocabulary, three quizzes, about 15 stand-alone lessons, a few ELA lessons that will help with any text (not just Serial), several writing prompts, plenty of discussion prompts, and about a billion timestamps to help anybody navigate the podcasts.

– The first person this is going to help is me. Normally I would scribble down timestamps and prompts and then misplace them. Now I have them in one spot, and about 20 worksheets ready to print out. It’s going to be a great January.

– I’m also going to have some days with substitute teachers coming up (conferences I’m speaking at, etc.), and it’s so relieving to know that everything is already written out for them.

– I’m also really proud of my wife, soulmate, and graphic designer (all one person!) for making these worksheets look waaaaaay better than I could ever make them on my own. She’s also a pretty good editor for when I start babbling or assuming more than I should.

– I also like the fact that our lots and lots of hours of work will save so many hours of work for other teachers.

As always, the plans are available at our TpT store; and as always, we love feedback, ideas, and even questions.  Have fun with the discussions, and Happy 2016!

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