Best Buy’s "private" parking lot in the winter

Since I replaced Shakespeare with “Serial” as a primary text in my English classes, I now listen to it up to six times a week, and I have six different occasions to supplement the podcast with Google Maps on the data projector.  It’s pretty cool to use “Street View” and “drive” the same route as Adnan allegedly did on the 13th, and so on, but we’ve never found anything particularly strange until this morning. Most of my students saw it at the same moment I did.  On most of Google maps, it looks like there is a lot of vegetation giving the Best Buy parking lot plenty of privacy in the back.  And indeed, I think most of the year it probably does. And at night, I’m sure a high school couple could find some intimate space in this lot.  But in the daytime, in January, from Security Boulevard….it doesn’t look so secure.  This is the “street view” of a very busy street, and as you can tell, there are almost no leaves blocking the view.  In fact, you can see a car in the photo pretty clearly. As I’m sure lots of people have already noted, I’m not saying that you couldn’t commit a heinous crime in this parking lot and get away with it — I’m saying it would take an incredible (and seemingly unnecessary) surplus of courage to drag a dead body into the trunk of a car with this kind of cover.

I think this link will also take you to the street view I’m talking about.

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